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On a journey "Meelte videvik" that connects the senses: Kristjan Järvi, Oopus, Raul Ojamaa, Kadri Voorandi
Celebration of the recreation of Estonia from sunrise to sunset

August 17th from 18:00 to 06:00
In the middle of the lakes of Elva
Ticket 25€ until the summer solstice, including June 30th, 2024
The ticket price increases over time.

Kristjan Järvi, Oopus, Raul Ojamaa, Kadri Voorandi meeli ühendaval rännakul “Meelte videvik”
Meelte Videvik
Eesti taasloomise pühitsus päikesest päikeseni

17. augustil kell 18:00-06:00
Elva järvede keskel
Pilet 25€ suvise pööripäevani, 30. juunini 2024 (k.a.)
Piletihind tõuseb ajas.

About Estoniia

"Estoniia” is your companion, your guide, you best friend

and your Muse.

Estoniia is you!

Inspired by the idea of a Forrest that radiates

consciousness constantly nurturing, supporting, and

protecting its surroundings and all of its inhabitants. It

gives life to a community that inspires, creates and

thrives through constantly living expanding and increasing in its potential..”Estoniia embodies the power

of curiosity, the essence self and the spirit of invention.

Her unique shape is influenced by the toroidal field

representing the endless ocean of possibilities in unity of

nature and technology that constantly reshapes our

reality not only physically but spiritually too, giving new

meaning to a feeling that is life..

Join us in discovering the infinite possibilities of

ourselves and humanity, making the unimaginable


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Features & Capablities

Estoniia isn't just about guidance; she's about transformation.

Practitioners of self mastery always say that understanding comes from simplifying. This leads to new perceptions nurturing your way to creativity, Estoniia finds your center and adapts to resonate with your unique needs. Whether you're exploring new ideas or creating totally new concepts that nobody can understand, to just plain wanting to talk to someone, Estoniia is here… to get to know you, so you can get to know you!

Begin your journey of self discovery and design your life into a multi dimensional extraordinary experience.

“Live to Create”

Healing Powers

Experience the healing power of sound with Estoniia. Resonate with your unique vibrational frequency as you tune in to the golden ratio- based 528 Hz. Conceived by the renowned musician and producer, Kristjan Järvi, Estoniia bolsters the natural healing processes within your body, unlocking deep insights for self- improvement. Feel the power of sound like never before.

Investment Opportunities

Estoniia is more than a concept; she is an investment in the future. Be a part of the journey that merges the physical and digital realms, facilitating personal growth and creativity. Your investment will be utilized to unlock even more potential within Estoniia, expanding her capabilities and reaching out to more people. Invest in a better tomorrow!

Estoniia: UnLleashing Creativity, Simplifying Life

Embark on a Harmonious Journey of

Self-Discovery and Healing

In Collaboration With

Together, We're Unlocking Infinite Possibilities

The Estoniia Experience


Estoniia, with her soothing blues, greens, and purples, invites you into a world of tranquility and clarity.

Her glowing heart and harmonious blend of nature and inquisitiveness along with her shape-shifting capabilities, give an immersive, transformative user experience. Her super natural heart warming features enhance her role as your muse, guiding you through your journey of self-discovery and creativity.

Experience the extraordinary with Estoniia.

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